All of USC’s medical plans provide:

  • access to top-quality providers
  • preventive care at no cost to you
  • effective coordination among providers
  • limits on out-of-pocket expenses
  • coverage for prescription drugs, behavioral health and substance abuse services, and out-of-network emergency care

Note that neither vision nor dental care is included but both are options available for purchase.

See our detailed guide: 2019 Comparing Your Health Plans Options. (Verdugo Hills employees, as well as union-represented employees from across the university, should view their medical plan options on their own pages; this chart does not include their options.)

Medical plan rates effective January 1-December 31, 2019

Medical plan costs are based on your pay rates. A chart has been prepared for each “salary band” or pay level. The charts are divided by whether you get paid monthly or biweekly.

Note that a spousal surcharge may apply to these costs – see the working spouse surcharge page for details.

Medical costs for those paid monthly

Medical costs for those paid biweekly

Remember that in months with three paychecks, costs only come out of the first two checks.

Questions about pay-based medical rates? See our Q&A page.

For additional help in choosing your medical coverage, visit the webpages of the individual plans linked below. Direct questions to USC’s Health Plans office at or (213) 740-0035.

Additional benefits for USC Trojan Care EPO or USC PPO participants

Visit the consolidated member health site for EPO and PPO members – as well as anyone in your family – to find providers and compare plans. Here’s a handy user’s guide to the new portal.

EPO and PPO members also qualify for USC Premier Care.

In addition, EPO and PPO members have additional access to behavioral health benefits with Lyra Health. Lyra provides care for mental/emotional health at no cost to you. Whether you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, short-term support from Lyra’s top therapists and coaches can get you “unstuck” with research-backed therapeutic methods as well as a suite of online tools.

  • Find personalized recommendations for top providers, just for you.
  • Meet with a therapist or coach in person, via live video, or tap into self-care apps on the go.
  • No copays or paperwork. Sessions for you, your partner and your dependents are covered.
  • Schedule appointments online – see Lyra’s information here.

Medical for Keck/Norris union employees – overview

Healthy choices incentives (only applies to above plans)

Smoking cessation resources