Part-time faculty and staff

Part-time employees are defined as:

  • Faculty with 50-99% appointment, regardless of exempt or non-exempt status
  • Staff working 50-99% of full-time hours, regardless of exempt or non-exempt status


Faculty and staff, (excluding students and employees eligible for the Keck Medicine of USC 401(k) Plan), regardless of percent of time worked, are eligible to make unmatched pre-tax or Roth contributions to the 403(b) supplemental plan upon hire. Deductions begin the pay period following enrollment in Workday.

After completing one year of employment, faculty and staff, regardless of percent of time worked, will receive a 5% USC 401(a) non-elective automatic contribution and are also eligible to make up to a 5% 403(b) Match pre-tax or Roth contribution which will be matched 100% (up to 5%) by USC.

If you do not enroll upon completion of your first year of employment, you will be automatically enrolled to make a 5% pre-tax contribution to Fidelity so that you receive the full USC Match contribution. You may change your contribution and your investment provider at any time through Workday with changes effective the pay period following the one in which the change was made. Excluded from Match eligibility are students, employees eligible for the Keck Medicine of USC 401(k) plan, post-doctoral fellows, resource workers, leased employees, and others as described in the plan document.

Excluded employees

Full time employees, or employees who work for Verdugo Hills Hospital, Las Vegas Health Care Center, Keck Community Medical Group, or are union-represented, will see their benefits differ. Refer to the benefits eligibility page for details.

Note that for health insurance, employees who reside outside California may only choose the USC PPO Plan.


To enroll in benefits in Workday (within 30 days of hire or during open enrollment or upon a qualifying life event), refer to the Faculty and Staff page.

Additional benefit information