Tobacco cessation resources

USC programs for individuals who want to quit:

  • USC Premier Care offers a no cost Tobacco Cessation Program for faculty and staff who want to take steps toward a healthier, nicotine-free life.
  • USC Pharmacies offer one-on-one consultations with a clinical pharmacist to discuss individualized smoking cessation plans, provide and discuss nicotine replacement therapy medications (prescription or non-prescription), and provide recommendations for coping with withdrawal symptoms.
  • USC School of Occupational Therapy’s Lifestyle Redesign for Smoking Cessation helps people through the process of quitting by creating health-promoting habits and routines.

USC medical insurance provider options for faculty and staff who want to quit:

  • Plan members of USC PPO and USC Trojan Care EPO may enroll in up to two tobacco cessation programs per calendar year. Additionally, tobacco cessation medications under the plan’s formulary (a list of prescription drugs preferred by your health plan) are covered under the Prescription Drug program.
    • The USC PPO Plan pays 100% of the cessation program for Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers, and 50% of usual and customary rate after deductible for Tier 3 providers.
    • The Trojan Care EPO Plan pays 100% of the cessation program.
  • Plan members of Anthem HMO (non-union) and Anthem MyChoice HMO (union – Keck/Norris) have access to free-of-charge tobacco cessation programs or counseling and intervention services as part of a full physical exam or periodic checkup. Prescription drugs to help stop smoking or reduce dependence on tobacco products, as well as over-the-counter nicotine replacement products (limited to nicotine patches and gum) are covered as preventative care services when obtained with a doctor’s prescription.
  • Plan members of Kaiser Permanente HMO have access to free-of-charge smoking cessation counseling during an office visit, wellness coaching offered by phone, healthy lifestyle online programs, and quitting smoking resources.