Ways to connect

Ways to connect

USC offers a variety of opportunities for faculty and staff to connect. Whether you’re looking to learn more about your benefits, engage in our Culture Journey, support the community, or stay in the know on your favorite topics, here are the ways you can take part, engage, or give back.


Whether you’re looking for well-being webinars, retirement planning series, or to learn more about USC values, you’ve come to the right place.

Sonny Rosales


USC’s employee-to-employee shoutout program

USC’s faculty and staff shoutout program highlights standout Trojans for making USC such a special place to work. The program is currently being transformed to best recognize and give our Trojan faculty and staff the praise they deserve!
Stay tuned to the Gateway Connect newsletter over the coming months for more information about the refreshed Top Notch Trojans program and how to participate once it launches.


Are you an employee and a veteran or a member of the armed Services?

USC has continuously maintained close and strong bonds with the armed services, and we encourage veterans to designate their veteran status in Workday. For help, refer to the “Changing veteran status” guide under “Personal information” on the Workday Help site.

Here are some stories about colleagues who have served as radio officers, combat medics and even cooks for the Armed Forces.

Thomas Chavez

Our Trojan Veterans: Thomas Chavez

One encounter led to an entire career

Ron Rubalcaba

Our Trojan Veterans: Ron Rubalcaba

An “aha” moment in a class he wasn’t enjoying

Teresa Owens

Our Trojan Veterans: Teresa Owens

Teresa Owens is a pro at diligence. She even got a medal for it!