Benefits and perks

Your employee benefits include a broad range of programs to help protect your (and your family’s) health, wealth and future. USC invests hundreds of millions of dollars every year to provide these benefits to you, and they represent an important and substantial component of your overall compensation package.

Other benefits are known as “perks” (short for perquisites). These represent the privileges and advantages of being a USC employee, which in some cases extend even to employees who are not otherwise benefits-eligible.

Also see USC’s staff benefits policy. Faculty policy on benefits is contained in chapter 3 of the Faculty Handbook. If you need help, the HR Service Center is just an email ( or phone call away at (213) 821-8100.

Benefits eligibility

Enrolling in benefits

Changing your benefits

Health benefits

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Leaving USC

2018 benefits orientation schedule

2018 ERISA Summary Plan Description

Benefits programs are subject to change at any time by the university, at its discretion, without prior notice or liability, to the extent permitted under applicable law. In the event of a discrepancy between the benefits and limitations described on this website and a plan document or collective bargaining agreement, the terms of the plan document or collective bargaining agreement will govern. Employees of other entities that have entered into agreements with the University of Southern California to provide payrolling service are subject to the policies and procedures adopted by their employer.