New wellness benefit now available through Vitality

USC is bringing the “power of vitality” to employees with a comprehensive new wellness portal that offers a host of resources, along with this year’s health assessment process, which as in years past will save you $480/year on your medical insurance premiums. The new vendor, Vitality, will administer the health assessment program, and the additional wellness support!

How to get that $40/month savings

A new health assessment is needed each year to obtain the savings. Simply follow this two-step process:

STEP 1 – complete the confidential 20-minute online Vitality Health Review

STEP 2 – finish a 20-minute, in-person Vitality Check screening with your doctor or at a LabCorp location (due to COVID-19, no onsite screenings are available at USC locations as in years past)

That’s all there is to it. Complete both steps by 12/31/20 and you’ll enjoy $40/month savings starting in January. And, you can use your assessment results to learn more about your health and get suggestions for healthier behaviors in 2021.

Your other Vitality benefits

The Vitality site offers innumerable resources to empower you for healthier living, including the opportunity to craft personal health goals and work toward them with a motivational “points” system, where you earn points for healthy choices. You can link your fitness device to your Vitality account, to help track your progress. You also earn points for healthy eating, checking in at the gym, or reading one of the thousands of articles on the site covering nutrition, fitness, and many other wellness topics. Please note you do not have to earn points to obtain your $40/month premium deduction – you just have to complete the Vitality Health Review and Vitality Check described above for that. But you might find it fun to earn points toward your goals!

Get an excellent overview of all the wellness features available to you – in less than 15 minutes – by watching the Vitality webinar:

If you just want to see the slides, they’re available below under Resources and helps.)

Act now – choose a method to access Vitality

To get your assessment started – and to access all the other wellness offerings – you can log into Vitality now using your choice of two methods:

  1. Use your USC NetID. This guide shows you exactly how. Click on this link to start:  Vitality wellness site – USC single sign-on
  2. Or, you can log into the site without using your USC NetID. This method will allow you to more easily access the mobile features. Follow these steps to log in without using USC single sign-on

Resources and helps

EEOC Notice Regarding Wellness Program



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