Life and voluntary insurance benefits

USC provides a suite of valuable benefits through MetLife – including basic life/accidental death and dismemberment coverage at no cost to benefits-eligible employees, and an array of additional voluntary coverages you may wish to purchase for your family’s protection, including:

Visit the MetLife dedicated USC employee portal for a wealth of helpful information. Below are specific links to the various options available. You may opt into most of these only upon hire or during open enrollment.

Life insurance/Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance

Life insurance protects your family financially in the event of your death; money is generally paid income tax free to your beneficiaries, who can use the money for any purpose. AD&D insurance pays a pre-determined amount to your beneficiaries in the event of your death in an accident (for example, a car crash). AD&D pays lesser amounts to you or your beneficiaries for various types of accidental injuries that result in the loss of limbs, speech, or hearing.

USC provides all benefits-eligible employees with $50,000 in basic life/AD&D insurance at no charge. Basic Life benefits are reduced by 35% at age 65 and by 50% at age 70. Employees may purchase additional Supplemental Life and AD&D insurance between $10,000-$2,500,000 at their own expense. There are no age-based reductions on USC’s Supplemental Life plans.

The USC employee MetLife life insurance page offers extensive information on these benefits, including pricing for Supplemental Life Insurance – an option you can exercise at any time.

Additional medical-related insurance options

These options are only available within 30 days of hire date, or during open enrollment. Visit each page to learn more.

Be better prepared when the unexpected happens

Accidents can happen at any time, and treatment can knock a household budget off course. MetLife accident insurance payments are made directly to you, not your healthcare provider, so you can use the money however you want. More than 150 events are covered under this plan, in addition to any benefits your medical plan may pay. This plan includes a wellness benefit that pays you $50 for completing one of a number of preventive health care activities (completing USC’s health assessment is one of them).

Visit the accident coverage page

Help protect your family’s finances

A critical illness in the family can be a scary and uncertain time. A lump-sum payment – one convenient payment all at once – paid directly to you, when it matters, means one less worry. What’s more, covered conditions include heart attack, cancer, and stroke, among others. This plan includes a wellness benefit that pays you $50 for completing one of a number of preventive health care activities, but if you have critical illness insurance only, and complete a mammogram, the plan pays you $200.

Visit the critical illness coverage page

Protect yourself from expensive hospital stays

Hospitalization can be expensive, and hospital indemnity insurance provides a direct lump-sum payment – one convenient payment all at once – if you or a family member are hospitalized. Because MetLife makes the payment to you, not your healthcare provider, you can use the money any way you see fit. This plan includes a wellness benefit that pays you $50 for completing one of a number of preventive health care activities (completing USC’s health assessment is one of them).

Visit the hospital indemnity coverage page

How to submit a MetLife Accident, Hospital Indemnity or Critical Illness claim

Legal insurance (formerly known as Hyatt Legal)

Low-cost access to legal coverage is available from MetLife Legal Plans. Fully covered legal services are free when you enroll and pay the small monthly premium of $15.74. You must enroll in the plan within 30 days of your employment at USC or wait until the next open enrollment. The plan provides unlimited, confidential telephone advice and office consultation, giving you the opportunity to discuss with an attorney any personal legal problems that are not specifically excluded matters, even if the matter is not fully covered under the plan.

During the consultation, the attorney will explain your rights, point out your options and, if needed, recommend a course of action. The attorney will identify any further coverage available under the plan and will undertake representation if you wish. If representation is covered by the plan, you will not be charged for the network attorney’s services. If representation is recommended, but is not covered by the plan, the network attorney will provide a written fee statement in advance.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Purchase, sale or refinancing of a primary residence
  • Wills and estate planning – estate planning at your fingertips
  • Deed preparation and immigration assistance
  • Debt matters and identity theft defense
  • Civil litigation defense

Visit the legal plans page

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