Healthy choices incentives and offerings

Healthy choices incentives are designed to encourage you to take an active role in your health care, help USC provide health resources that best support our employees, and help you save money. (Note that due to differing medical plans, these incentives currently do not apply to employees at Verdugo Hills Hospital, or certain union-represented employees if you enroll in the Anthem MyChoice HMO, or use one of the Opt Out options. Please see your own pages for information.)

2020 healthy choices incentives
If you And you did it You save
Are tobacco-free and verify that you do not use tobacco products Online during 2020 open enrollment, or for new hires, upon enrollment $25/month ($300/year) off your medical plan contributions (applies to employee only)
Complete the health assessment (questionnaire and screening). For those completing the screening and assessment between January 1-July 31, 2020, your incentive will be applied beginning the next pay period. For new hires beginning August 1 and after, you will be eligible for the 2021 health assessment credit, and can sign up for that when 2021 open enrollment begins. Complete the questionnaire online at $40/month off your medical plan contributions (applies to employee only)

See the printable health assessment factsheet

Are enrolled in the USC Trojan Care EPO or USC PPO and designate your in-network primary care physician (PCP) At least 15 days before you visit the doctor $10 off your copay every time you visit the physician’s office, excluding visits to a specialist (applies to each family member who designates a PCP)
Participate in a fitness activity Anytime in 2020 by registering at to submit a qualified fitness expense for reimbursement $220/year on your fitness activities (note this incentive is subject to all federal and state withholding and all employment taxes, and applies to employee only). See the printable fitness incentive factsheet

During enrollment in Workday, you have a choice to "waive" or "enroll" in the tobacco-free credit. Select "enroll" if you do not use tobacco - or if you commit to enroll in a tobacco cessation program - and you will receive a $25 per month ($300 per year) reduction in paycheck contributions for your medical plan. Select "waive" if you use tobacco products. This credit is available only for you, not for your covered dependents.

You must complete two steps to qualify for this incentive.


The confidential online health questionnaire helps you and your doctor identify lifestyle and health habits you can address to improve or maintain your health; it contains about 50 questions covering covering health history, habits, diet, exercise, stress and mood. You can complete it anywhere you have internet access, and it takes about 15 minutes (but you can always save your answers and log back in to finish later). Complete the questionnaire online at


Complete an in-person health assessment. Tests include:

  • Body mass index (BMI, calculated from your height and weight)
  • Cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar (glucose), through a simple finger-stick blood test (just a few drops)
  • Blood pressure
  • Waist to hip ratio measurement

While it's not absolutely necessary, your blood sugar results will be more accurate if you fast (water only) for 12 hours before your screening appointment.

If both the questionnaire and the in-person screening are completed by the appropriate deadlines, you will receive a $40 per month ($480 per year) reduction in paycheck contributions for your medical plan in 2020. This credit is available only for you, not for your covered dependents. 

What's in your feedback report

The feedback combines your questionnaire responses with your screening results to return an overall “wellness score” and a brief summary of what that means to your health. You’ll also see summaries of your responses in each questionnaire category, risk factors in your screening results, and suggestions for ways to improve and maintain your health. In addition, the report includes links to additional information and resources, plus a printable lab report and guide for discussing your results with your doctor.

Your privacy is protected - always

Results from all participating employees will be combined into general data to provide USC with the “big picture” trends in our employees’ health. USC will then use this input to create services, programs or benefits designed to help all employees improve and maintain their health. For example, if the data shows a high percentage of employees at risk for heart disease, we can focus more resources on heart-healthy programs and education.

No one at USC who is not involved in your clinical care will see any of your individual results from the online health questionnaire or in-person health screening. Your individual results will not affect your eligibility for health care coverage or the amount you pay for your coverage (other than the $40/month credit for completing the assessment). Of course, we encourage you to share your individual results with your doctor.

See the above information in a printable format: health assessment factsheet.

If you are enrolled in the USC Trojan Care EPO or the USC PPO and designate a PCP for yourself and each of your covered dependents, you receive a $10 discount on your copay amount each time you visit the physician’s office (excluding visits to a specialist). Be sure to designate your PCP at least 15 days before your next appointment to receive the credit. This discount applies to each covered family member with a designated PCP and is only available through the USC Trojan Care EPO and USC PPO plans.

To designate a PCP, register at the HealthComp site (you may also wish to consult this helpful guide to designating a primary care physician). You may change your PCP designation at any time. Changes made on or before the 15th day of the month take effect the first day of the following month.

Do you have a gym membership? Take fitness classes? Work with a personal trainer? Play on a sports league or team? Use a fitness device? The WageWorks Fitness Incentive Program helps you save money on your healthy lifestyle choices by reimbursing you for many of the most common health and fitness services and activities – up to $220 for 2020.

Here's how it works. You pay fitness expenses as you would normally, save the receipts, and then file a claim at (if you have a flexible spending account, this is the same login). You will be reimbursed through automatic payroll payments. You can sign up for this incentive anytime. Eligible expenses are listed on WageWorks site and include:

  • Memberships and fees – gym, fitness center/studio, health club, swim & tennis club, etc. (including costs associated with Gympass - see below)
  • Fitness/nutrition counseling
  • Fitness/sports classes/instruction (including martial arts, yoga/Pilates, meditation, etc.)
  • Sports leagues/teams
  • Weight loss or smoking cessation programs/challenges
  • Race/walk registration
  • Fitness devices (Fitbit, Apple watches, etc.)

See our printable fitness incentive factsheet.

Benefits-eligible employees and their families can access gym memberships through Gympass, which allows you to use thousands of gyms across the country with no contracts - all gym access is through Gympass. You can try a new gym or fitness class every day! See the Gympass factsheet.

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