The California Breastfeeding Coalition has named USC a “Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace” while the Breastfeeding Task Force of Greater Los Angeles honored USC with its Family Health Promotion award – both honors recognizing USC’s commitment to maintaining an employee lactation policy. Be sure to read USC’s Lactation Accommodations policy for more information. Each school or department is to ensure that appropriate space is available to lactating mothers in their respective buildings.

Other designated lactation rooms available include:


CAL 138F

CAL 143

CAL 144

CUB 126

DEN 4104A


ESH 402

JKP 302

SCB 300B

SCI 280

TCC 315

VPD 102

VPD 405Z


SSB 208C

SSB 308C

SST 1415

SST 3137Q