Thrive 101 – New Trojans Onboarding Program


Thrive personally and professionally

When we start a new job, we all want to succeed, feel confident, and find our place and purpose. In this free course, comprised of four 60-minute workshops, you’ll connect with colleagues, developing trusting and effective professional relationships, and navigate USC culture and career expectations. Through dialogue, mindfulness exercises, and scientifically-based skill practices, you’ll also learn how to:

  • Adopt a growth mindset
  • Prevent overload and burnout
  • Cope with conflict, stress, and challenging emotions
  • Communicate effectively in crucial conversations about work, culture, race, and difference

The Spring 2023 program is now available and consists of four 60-minute sessions held every other week and is led by Ilene Rosenstein, Ph.D. from USC Campus Wellbeing and Education. To register, click here.

Your facilitators

Sponsored by both Campus Wellbeing and Education, and Talent and Organizational Development, your instructor for Thrive 101:


Ilene C. Rosenstein, Ph.D
Associate Vice Provost, Campus Wellbeing and Education
Licensed psychologist
Assistant Clinical Professor, Rossier School of Education

Course details

  • Week 1 – Success and well-being at USC
  • Week 2 – Connection
  • Week 3 – Communication
  • Week 4 – Community

Thrive 101 offers you, as a new employee, the opportunity to create a community in which you explore how to pursue well-being throughout your time at USC. While connecting with other new staff and faculty, you will reflect and increase awareness of self, others, and work/life balance, and translate personal goals into action. The course highlights various themes and strategies to help you live your life to the fullest. Together, you’ll discuss ways to promote well-being for yourself and your communities, and learn about campus resources to support your goals. You will also develop skills to implement these strategies into your daily habits and routines. This course provides information, resources, and skills in a safe and welcoming space.

Learning objectives

By the end of Thrive 101, you will be able to:

  1. Identify ways to grow as an individual and member of a larger community
  2. Translate knowledge into personal and community goals
  3. Reflect on personal values, and how these connect with the core values of USC
  4. Identify strategies to create meaningful habits and routines in daily life and activity
  5. Identify individual strengths and develop a personal philosophy for responding to both success and challenges
  6. Identify and access relevant USC resources

All participants are required to attend the biweekly interactive class discussions (see dates below). In-class activities are not graded but participation is expected. Some homework outside of class is required including self-assessments; a list of recommended reading and resources will be provided. Appropriate attendance and completion of homework assignments is mandatory to receive completion certification.

You’re joining an inclusive, caring, and re-imagined campus. Understand everything available to you as you start this journey – and learn how to thrive!

Upcoming dates

The Spring 2023 program is now available and consists of four 60-minute sessions held every other week and is led by Ilene Rosenstein, Ph.D. from USC Campus Wellbeing and Education. To register, click here.


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