Get Involved

Get involved

There are several opportunities for faculty and staff to get involved with the USC community. Below are the employee resource groups (ERGs) that promote a deeper awareness of cultural and social topics, as well as the various other groups and communities that strive to strengthen the Unifying Values and help create an inclusive environment for all.

Employee resource groups

LGBTQ Faculty & Staff Alliance at USC

The LGBTQ Alliance aims to provide a network that explores, promotes and supports the personal and professional issues related to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer employees at USC.

USC Asian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association

The USC Asian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association (APIFSA) aims to create a safe space and a strong voice to advocate for API faculty and staff across the USC community.

USC Black Staff & Faculty Caucus

The USC Black Staff and Faculty Caucus/BSFC aims to accomplish a positive working relationship between the university’s Black staff, faculty, and students; to assure constructive institutional change as it relates to Black staff and faculty development; to develop expertise in the area of affirmative action as it relates to hiring, retention and promotion of Black staff and faculty; and to contribute toward the development of harmony and good will among and between the diverse elements and groups within the University.

USC Latino Forum

The USC Latino Frum gathers several times a semester for events that celebrate and stimulate conversations around what it means to be Latino at USC, in Los Angeles, and in the United States.

Women in Management (WIM)

WIM members are dynamic and progressive individuals employed in a diversity of positions, departments, and schools at USC, covering a broad spectrum of roles: advisors, administrative staff, department directors, managers, faculty, associate vice presidents, and deans.

Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)

WiSE administers a variety of grant programs that have been developed to encourage women to select USC as an institution in which to study, conduct research, and develop successful careers.

Other ways to get involved

Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is a voice for faculty and strives to further the academic mission and integrity of the university as a community of scholars, artists, and professionals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge.

Staff Assembly

The USC Staff Assembly is an officially recognized branch of the university governance system that promotes the growth and welfare of all USC staff members.

Staff Club

The University Staff Club is dedicated to serving the university community as they work with administration to recognize staff, provide scholarships to graduate students, and put together social functions to enhance work life.

University Chorus

The University Chorus is open to any USC student, faculty, or staff member as well as the larger university community who loves to sing.

USC Culture Network

The Culture Network is a group of faculty and staff who are committed to strengthening USC culture through our six Unifying Values. Its mission is to equip members with resources that promote our values, share stories, best practices and ideas that move culture forward, and connect with colleagues from across USC that share a passion for culture.

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