Summer Retirement Planning Week

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It’s never too late or early to start preparing for your retirement!

Join our retirement planning workshops to learn more about your options for planning a successful retirement and setting yourself up for success in the future.

Several sessions are available that cover a variety of topics, and you are welcome to register for all that interest you. Please note that you do not need to be a participant with the sponsoring investment provider to attend their workshop.

Monday, July 26

11:30 am–1:00 pm
Playbook to Planning a Successful Retirement

Learn what you need to know about planning your retirement from USC with representatives from USC Benefits, Gold Card, Health Plans, Provost’s Office, and Emeriti Center.


Tuesday, July 27

Social Security 101

Presenter: Guillermo Barron, Social Security Administration
Learn about eligibility, timing, how to get the most from your benefit, and how to use the online Social Security services.

Planning for Retirement with TIAA Traditional

Presenter: Benny Goodman, TIAA
Learn about TIAA’s heritage and its lifetime income product. Benny Goodman will also cover how TIAA Traditional is unlike any other annuity in the industry and how it can help you secure lifetime income in retirement.

Wednesday, July 28

Medicare 101

Presenter: Stephanie Denning, HICAP
Learn about Medicare eligibility, enrollment, premiums, and Part A/B/D benefits and costs.

Within Reach: Transitioning from career to retirement

Presenter: TIAA
Learn how to evaluate where you are now and how to plan your retirement story, and how to account for Social Security, taxes, healthcare costs, insurance and estate planning.

Thursday, July 29

Timeline to Retirement

Presenter: Vanguard
Learn more about the key benefits and decision points from ages 55 to 72, the two federal entitlement programs (Social Security and Medicare), and the rules regarding employer-sponsored retirement plans that can help you avoid significant tax penalties on withdrawals.

Prepare for the Reality of Health Care in Retirement

Presenter: Fidelity
Learn about the costs of health care in retirement and how you can prepare for them.

Friday, July 30

Retirement Income

Presenter: Vanguard
Learn how to use your retirement savings to create a sustainable income stream that will last as long as your retirement. You’ll also learn about your sources of retirement income, how to invest during retirement, how to spend your savings, healthcare costs …and a lot more.

Preserving Your Savings for Future Generations

Presenter: Fidelity
Learn about the components of an estate plan, including information on wills versus probate, powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, and the importance of gifting and insurance replacement strategies.