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Review this year’s IRS updated limits for retirement programs to save more.

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Congratulations graduating faculty and staff of 2023!

Congratulations to the following Trojans!

Memorial Day

Next Monday, May 30, is Memorial Day and a university holiday. USC honors all those who died while serving in the U.S. military.

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Keck Medicine neurosurgeon and former patient run sixth LA Marathon

Keck Medicine of USC neurosurgeon Jonathan Russin, MD, and a patient whose life he saved have run their sixth Los Angeles Marathon together.

Sanjay Advani

My colleague embodies the Trojan Spirit because he is always there to support my project. We have a very challenging construction project at CAL working in numerous areas of the building simultaneously. Sanjay is supporting the project for ITS and has been integral to keeping the project on schedule by coordinating the relocation and installation…

Sarah Van Orman

I would like to thank Sarah Van Orman and her team for how they have been managing testing, vaccination, educating and updating the community, designing and implementing precautions that keep us safe, and doing frontline work to minimize risk in our community. I think that Dr. Van Orman’s approach and leadership have been clear, effective,…

Tammi Homsi

My staff member is great because she has been a huge asset to the Housing Customer Service department. Tammi has been proactive and enthusiastic about working on our department’s SOP. She has been dedicated and committed and all while working on campus during a pandemic, navigating through the unknowns. Tammi has also gone above and…

Martin Tinoco

My colleague did a great job on the COVID Tent setup at University Village McClintock lawn, spotting irrigation lines and insuring no damage from the tent installation. – Steve Dugas