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Why I Vote: Sonia Savoulian

Sonia Savoulian

Sonia Savoulian explains – for them – the importance of voting.

Why I Vote

Kristy Plaza

To mark National Voter Registration Day (Sept. 20), Kristy Plaza (right), Communications and Media Manager at the Dornsife Center for Political Future, explains – for them – the importance of voting.

Digital Accessibility Program launches on TrojanLearn

The new Digital Accessibility Program on TrojanLearn helps you understand why accessible content is important, learn what it is, and find practical ways to build accessibility into your digital content.

ITS and FBS staff connect for In Real Life Trojans Day

Staff enjoying the in-person meetup.

Almost 300 employees from USC’s Information Technology Services (ITS) and Financial and Business Services (FBS) took part in an IRL (In Real Life) Trojans Day in June.