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Rapidly rising gas prices are hitting all drivers hard here in Southern California. Here are some options provided through USC Transportation that may help you beat the pain at the pump.

  • Did you know that USC has its own gas station? It’s located on West 35th Street, just south of the Grand Avenue Parking Structure. Full details (including hours of operation and daily prices) can be found here. You can even pay with your USCard!
  • One of President Folt’s first initiatives was implementing a 50% transit subsidy for all USC faculty and staff who use public transit to get to work. If you take a bus or train, USC will pay half the cost of your fare. If the transit agency operating the bus or train is a partner of USC Transportation, you can benefit further by using pre-tax payroll deduction to purchase your pass. Details about the USC Transit Subsidy Program, including an application form, are available here.
  • If public transportation isn’t an option for you, there may be a fellow USC faculty or staff member who lives nearby with whom you can carpool. USC’s Traveler platform is an online dashboard that combines all your mobility options into one easy-to-use platform. Check it out and get traveling!

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