USC Transportation offers an extensive website with information and help for commuting, getting around campus, and much more.




How to purchase your parking permit

Making parking reservations

Handicapped parking

Parkmobile service and airport parking discounts





Los Angeles DOT

Commute Smart

USC gas station

Shower Pass program – Do you walk or bike to work? Check out the Shower Pass program!

Getting around

USC bus system

Track a bus

Campus Cruisers – If you work into the evening, you don’t have to walk to your car alone. The USC Campus Cruiser Service offers either a walking or vehicle escort to your destination. See the Cruiser program boundaries.

DART – USC Transportation provides Disabled Access to Road Transportation (DART), a free service to help USC students or employees with temporary mobility issues in getting around UPC. Service is available during the fall and spring semesters only, between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday, and is limited to within UPC – the vehicles used are not city street-legal, so passengers cannot be transported to off-campus housing or offices, the Parking Center, etc.

Discounts on getting around – rental cars, car sharing, airport shuttles, and more

Other transportation-related services and discounts