Share your USC Culture Journey stories 

Culture Journey six value wheel

You’re invited to contribute to all the stories about people, events, and happenings at USC that embody one or more of our Six Unifying Values.

  • What culture shifts – large or small –  have you noticed taking place within your school, unit or group?
  • What efforts around culture change have you personally participated in?
  • Are there specific culture initiatives you’re currently focused on or plan to focus on in the coming year?

With permission, your story could be featured in this Fall 2022’s progress report on the USC Culture Journey to date, or in other materials that will be created throughout the year to keep the USC community engaged in and updated on our ongoing Culture Journey.

To share your story, fill out this simple form, and someone from the Culture Team will get in touch to learn more.

About the Culture Journey

The Culture Journey is a USC-wide initiative that began in 2019 to explore and define our values, align the community around behaviors that bring those values to life, and identify opportunities to improve our systems and processes in support of positive change that instills trust, reinforces ethical decision-making, and provides a strong foundation for all Trojans. Culture is a shared commitment, and it is shaped by all of us together – administration, faculty, staff, and students alike.

If you have questions, please email