Connect and take part

USC offers plenty of ways to connect with like-minded colleagues who wish to participate in various university-related activities. Sometimes the activity might be directly related to your job – other times it might be something that is of great interest to you personally. Either way, USC is a better place because of the participation of employees in all the endeavors listed below. And even if you’re not participating right now, you’ll want to keep up with how these groups are contributing to campus life:

Campus governance

Academic Senate – the Academic Senate is the representative body of the entire faculty at USC, consisting primarily of representatives elected by Faculty Councils at the various schools. As a voice for faculty working with the university administration, it strives to further the academic mission and integrity of the university as a community of scholars, artists and professionals dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Faculty not currently serving as senators may also get involved with Academic Senate.

Staff Assembly – the USC Staff Assembly is an officially-recognized branch of the university governance system and exists to promote the growth and welfare of staff employees.

Helping the USC community

Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT) – CERT members include more than 300 volunteers who have completed seven weeks of intensive training in disaster fire suppression, search and rescue, disaster triage and first aid, and disaster management, following the nationally recognized Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) program. During a disaster situation, CERT members will serve as first responders to the campus community and assist with emergency response. Visit the CERT website to learn more about the next CERT training for volunteers.

Good Neighbors – the Good Neighbors program allows USC employees to donate a percentage of their paycheck to support a wide variety of programs in the communities that surround our campuses. Over the years, millions of dollars have been raised!

Volunteering/Festival of Books – USC employees are often invited to participate in service or volunteer activities – a big one each year is the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which is held at UPC each spring.

Veteran referral program – help bring the best and brightest to join you working at USC. The university’s veteran referral program encourages all employees to participate in this effort!

Interest groups

Women in Management (WIM) – WIM members are dynamic and progressive individuals employed in a diversity of positions, departments, and schools at USC. Their professional involvement within this academic community covers a broad spectrum of roles: advisors, administrative staff, department directors, managers, faculty, associate vice presidents, and deans. WIM events are open to everyone!

Office of Religious Life – a wide variety of programs and activities for people of all faiths

Staff Club – the University Staff Club is dedicated to serving the university community as they work with administration to recognize staff, provide scholarships to graduate students, and put together social functions to enhance work life.

University Chorus – love to sing? The University Chorus is open to any USC student, faculty, or staff member as well as the larger university community.

Sharing your voice, sharing your story

USC also offers opportunities for you to tell your story – whatever your story might be – or just to report what’s happening around campus:

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