Our Trojan Veterans: Richard Marin

Richard Marin says he always desired to make the best of what was right in front of him, regardless of limited resources, and create that which could help others. For this reason he joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1997, where he spent seven years at Camp Pendleton learning, he says, how to be his most authentic self.

The military helped him develop a sense of urgency, learning to finish big projects in a timely fashion – but he also learned how to learn from his mistakes. Richard could see how his contributions belonged to a “bigger part of a structured element in service for others.” And he also wanted to ensure that his service was always directed outward, with purpose. This made graduating on the parade deck from boot camp and receiving his Eagle Globe and Anchor all the more memorable.

Richard says that his “service in its more raw form” included skills around living outdoors and helping others get through obstacles without the assistance of modern technology.

Since serving others was a big part of his time as a Marine, it’s no surprise that Richard’s “in service” at USC as well, as a culinary specialist.  In fact, USC almost feels like being back on base. “You could really just add a guard and a flag and we would be back [there],” he jokes. The camaraderie that flows between his fellow employees and students, and the friendships he’s made here, remind him of his time in the USMC.

Richard is proud to work for USC, and USC is proud Richard is a part of the Trojan family!

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