Great ShakeOut 2023 at USC

On Thursday Oct. 19 at 10:19 a.m., USC participated in the world’s largest disaster drill.

The Great ShakeOut simulated a 7.8 earthquake along the San Andreas Fault, encouraging people to practice the important life-saving actions (drop, cover, and hold on) that would be needed if such an earthquake occurred.

The university thanks everyone who helped successfully facilitate the drill, including the more-than-200 staff who served as USC ShakeOut Ambassadors; the schools and critical emergency response departments that activated their outdoor Department Operations Centers, where they coordinated their teams, response, and business continuity; the Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT); and the more-than-225 staff who communicated on a virtual system to address areas such as post-earthquake damage assessment and coordination between all schools and university central departments.

Check out some pictures from the day!