CWFL support for managers during return to campus


If you and your team are transitioning back to campus, you may be feeling mixed emotions. Whether you’re eager or overwhelmed, energized or anxious, it’s important to know that the people on your teams may be feeling similar emotions and are looking to you, their manager, for support.

At the Center for Work and Family Life (CWFL) – the university’s employee assistance, work/life, and wellness program – our professional staff are experts in human behavior in the workplace. We provide workplace consultations for leaders, managers, and supervisors to develop constructive approaches to resolving challenges and managing teams. CWFL is now tailoring these services to provide guidance during change and transition that accompanies returning to campus.

CWFL professional staff are available to provide one-on-one support to leaders, by sharing expertise, and professional feedback in workplace behavior and relationships. Initial need assessments and ongoing workplace consultations can help empower leaders to understand how their employees are impacted, identify signs and symptoms that suggest an employee is struggling, learn effective communication techniques, and learn self-care coping strategies. Based on the initial needs assessments, CWFL may recommend group support for team members or a tailored talk for the team.

Appointments may be scheduled through the main office number at 213-821-0800 or via email at Consultations are confidential and are currently conducted through Zoom and by phone.