Campus entry procedures changing

USC entrance and trees

As detailed in last week’s Student Health email announcement, the process for accessing campus now has three requirements, each of which must be completed in advance to unlock Trojan Check.

In connection with this, the process for vehicles entering UPC is changing. Effective Monday, January 25, all vehicles must come to a complete stop at the screening checkpoints, and be prepared to have their daily Trojan Check passes scanned by a gate attendant. This step will be required each time a vehicle enters campus, regardless of how many times they pass through in a given day.

Please do not bypass the checkpoint until directed to do so. If you have not completed your daily Trojan Check, you will be directed to a waiting area, where you may complete the process.

When you come to a complete stop at the screening checkpoint, please hold your Trojan Check pass as close as possible to your car window. This is a contact-free process, so you do not need to open your window or leave your vehicle. The Gate Services Ambassador will scan your badge for entry.

Questions? Contact USC Transportation at