What you can’t wait to do, as things open up

Last week we asked you what you missed the most – the activity you could not wait to get back to – and you’re ready to start traveling!

The number one answer was “get on a plane and go somewhere fun”! Almost 30% of you chose that option.

A close second – “eat in a restaurant/go to a bar”…netting almost 25%.

The other options all shared about the same number of votes. Here they are in order:











We had some great write-in votes as well, including seeing and hugging family and friends, getting your nails or hair done, going on hikes, visiting theme parks, attending USC football games, and continuing to avoid traffic by continuing to work at home!

Our vote for best write-in answer:

“Go somewhere fun but not via plane; from now on I only trust driving or teleporting.” Sign us up for teleporting too!


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