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USC’s Employee Engagement and Communications department oversees and operates the Employee Gateway as well as other communications designed for staff and faculty. The department is also responsible for overseeing university policy development and communication, as well as the websites related to Human Resources (including Talent Acquisition, Training and DevelopmentBenefits, Equity and Diversity, Human Resources Administration, the Manager Gateway, and the HR Professional Intranet, among others). Employee Engagement and Communications also manages employee engagement, appreciation and recognition efforts, among them the annual Staff Recognition Luncheon and other events, the President’s Award for Staff Achievement and other award programs, and employee feedback/survey initiatives such as Great Colleges and the Staff Pulse Survey.

Our departmental mission for the Employee Gateway is to inform, engage and inspire employees, facilitating conversations and collaboration that enhance productivity, while providing creative, compelling, concise and clear content – as well as providing a gateway to everything a USC faculty or staff member will ever need.

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Our social media policy

The Gateway maintains several social media accounts and welcomes employee involvement both in our news stories on this site, and in all our social media (see links in footer). These opportunities for involvement and feedback are designed as public forums where we can share ideas, news and other communications about USC employee life. We reserve the right to delete your comment if it contains profanity; is selling or promoting a commercial product or service; is spam; contains material that we determine is unlawful, hateful, threatening, harassing, abusive, defamatory or libelous; contains copyrighted material or material that belongs to someone else; contains confidential or private information that is not your own. We also reserve the right to block repeat offenders.

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