Trojan pets Fight On

Meet Tora – this puppy’s such a die-hard Trojan that he (she?) has already got his (her?) own custom Trojan baseball card! Congratulations to pet parent Timothy Yuge, of Annenberg TechOps, who wins a pair of football tickets and a USC hat, courtesy of USC Athletics! (Timothy – we’ll be in touch with you!)

This was the hardest contest ever to judge! Staff from the Employee Gateway, Athletics, and a few special guest judges participated – and there was very little agreement with almost every entry garnering some support! Along with our winner, we had several honorable mentions, including:

I mean, this little guy’s name is Trojan, for pete’s sake. (Pet parent: Martin Olmos, Rossier)


Kudos to Delta, who’s not the least bit perturbed by a giant Tommy Trojan in her little face. (Pet parent: Dr. Ernelyn Navarro, Peck)
Yoda’s on the 50-yard-line ready to roll! (Pet parent: Ruben Bolanos, FMS)
Tupac and Suge are service dogs for Keck’s Shannon Piazza, and they serve as Chief Wellness Officers in the Urology department, providing comfort and stress relief to patients!

All these runners-up – and a few more – will receive honorary certificates of achievement! So many adorable pets, and we could go on posting photos, but why don’t you just take a moment to visit our album of Trojan pet awesomeness (also below). Pick your favorite pet from the album and post his/her name in the comments below! (And bonus – look for USC’s wellness dog, Professor Beauregard Tirebiter, aka Beau – he’s in there too! And he reminds us he’s available for summer visits to employees.)

Barnaby & Twiggy - Jennifer Treweek

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