Top Notch Trojans – switching it up for October

Our monthly Top Notch Trojans contest – in which you get a chance to win a $10 Hospitality gift certificate for offering a shout-out to a colleague (see below) – is mixing it up again for October. This month we’re looking for your shout-outs to colleagues for a specific job or project well done! As always, we welcome any shout-outs this month, but we’ll be looking for kudos for a specific well-done task for our monthly winner!

Not that familiar with Top Notch Trojans? Read on:

We all know someone at USC who went above and beyond on a project, for a co-worker or for someone they served. And they deserve a shout-out and a free cup of coffee! And it couldn’t be easier to do – scroll down to the bottom of this story for the quick how-to video!

Give public kudos to a manager, colleague, direct report or any other employee at USC using Top Notch Trojans, USC’s employee-to-employee appreciation program. And if we find your shout-out particularly inspiring, YOU will win a $10 Hospitality gift certificate! (And here’s OUR shout out to Hospitality for providing these gifts!)

Top Notch Trojans lets you share about how awesome your co-workers are simply by filling out a quick form on the Top Notch Trojans page (you can always find that page in the “Connect & take part” section at the top of the Gateway). Submit your praises of a fellow nurse for helping a patient, a food server for excellent customer service, an advisor for supporting a student – really, any reason for appreciation.

Submit a shout-out here.

Pro tip – you can also scroll down the front page of the Gateway and find Top Notch Trojans on its banner – which looks like this:

And here’s a step by step how to do it!

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