Top Notch Trojans – switching it up for August!

Our monthly Top Notch Trojans contest – in which you get a chance to win a $10 Hospitality gift certificate for offering a shout-out to a colleague (see below) – is mixing it up for August! This month – we’re looking for your shout-outs to people OUTSIDE your immediate department. Someone who deserves kudos for the job they’re doing, but not one of your “immediate family” colleagues. Think about those employees you interact with from other departments, divisions, or schools, and give them a big shout-out now! (We still welcome shout-outs to people within your department, too!)

Not that familiar with Top Notch Trojans? Read on:

We all know someone at USC who went above and beyond on a project, for a co-worker or for someone they served. And they deserve a shout-out and a free cup of coffee! And it couldn’t be easier to do – scroll down to the bottom of this story for the quick how-to video!

Give public kudos to a manager, colleague, direct report or any other employee at USC using Top Notch Trojans, USC’s employee-to-employee appreciation program. And if you do that during the month of July, you just might win a $10 Hospitality gift certificate! (And we’re giving a shout out to Hospitality for providing these gifts!)

Top Notch Trojans lets you share about how awesome your co-workers are simply by filling out a quick form on the Top Notch Trojans page (you can always find that page in the “Connect & take part” section at the top of the Gateway). Submit your praises of a fellow nurse for helping a patient, a food server for excellent customer service, an advisor for supporting a student – really, any reason for appreciation.

The Employee Gateway will review the shout-outs posted through August 31 and pick the most inspiring to receive that gift certificate! Of course, you should still feel inspired to share the compliments year-round. But the coffee – will just have to be on you.

Submit a shout-out here.

Pro tip – you can also scroll down the front page of the Gateway and find Top Notch Trojans on its banner – which looks like this:

And here’s a step by step how to do it!

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