The latest on USC’s culture journey

The USC community – and the world – is in the midst of experiencing unprecedented change. We continue to show resilience, courage, and compassion as we collectively manage through this time.

USC’s culture team is committed to keeping our community informed and involved in the university’s culture journey as we move forward together. With that commitment, please see these important updates:

  • From January-March 2020, over 4000 USC staff, faculty and students participated in sharing their voices at nearly 170 culture sessions (town halls and discussion sessions)
  • At town halls, our community heard USC Cultural Values Poll results, both USC-wide and school/unit-specific
  • At discussion sessions, the community shared insights, experience, and input on values, behaviors, systems and processes that are working well or need improvement

You attended and participated in:

  • 8 USC-wide town halls at UPC and HSC to share high-level poll results
  • 38 school and unit town halls that shared school/unit-specific poll results
  • 44 USC-wide in-person and virtual discussion sessions to gather staff, faculty and students feedback on specific values, behaviors, systems and processes
  • 79 school/unit discussion sessions, focused on feedback on specific school/unit poll results

Thank you for providing your input and insights to help shape USC’s future.

What’s next?

The culture journey continues. Some of the current and next steps include:

  • Over the summer, the university will move forward to align on values and associated behaviors, and changes to systems and processes that will support our desired culture are being prioritized
  • Concrete actions are already underway, such as planning to update the Code of Ethics, and more
  • Look for communications with leadership and across the university this summer about values and behaviors
  • In summer/fall, work will be undertaken with each school/unit to support changes and plan local culture initiatives, and USC-wide culture activities (Culture Week, speaker series, workshops, and other important events)

For the latest information, and access to all school/unit town hall presentations, visit the Change site.

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