The campus view you’re missing

If you’re working from home – tell us your favorite “beauty spot” at any USC campus location. The locations with the most mentions will be featured as Gateway photos of the day. Use the comments below to tell us your most-loved campus view!

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8 Responses

  1. Mudd Hall, the Philosophy Library. My friend Duncan in the School of Dramatic Arts showed it to me after I admitted I had never been there. It’s just so comfortable to sit there with a book. Once, when my mother was here for a long visit, she would spend her days reading there while I worked. I really miss those chairs and that great ceiling.

  2. My favorite area on campus is the walkway between Town & Gown and the Hancock Building. It reminds me of walking through a park in NY.

  3. I don’t get out much on campus. The dental school is a bee hive of activity all day. The “beauty spot” I miss the most is the 2nd floor faculty lounge. The room is small and quite honestly, it’s a dump. However, it is a place to decompress for a moment and have a cup of coffee. The Faculty come a go all day laughing and commiserating about daily events. It keeps us going. This “beauty spot isn’t gorgeous but it is beloved.

  4. I work in Soto at HSC and miss the beautiful modern building. It’s very calm with lots of light. I also miss my colleagues who fill the space!

  5. I miss the gym at HSC and the helpful staff at the desk. I miss working out on the machines the most. Working out at the gym kept me motivated and I could rest better. I wish that I could just see some of my favorite gym equipment. HSC gym had just installed new cardio equipment and I was just trying to improve my speed and endurance on it. I really, really miss going to the gym.

  6. I work in GFS. While it may not be a beauty spot, I really miss looking out onto Cromwell Field and seeing and hearing the Spirit of Troy band practice. I love to hear how the band improves from day one of band camp to first game day. It will be strange not hearing that iconic voice of Dr. Bartner. Fight on Spirit of Troy as best you can during the pandemic!

  7. I second the nomination for the walkway between Town & Gown and the Hancock Building. As a student in 1979, I found that to be the most restful place on campus. I still feel that way today. Mudd Hall Library is also a winner. I know lots of hidden gems on campus I share with my students and friends.

  8. How can I pick just one view of the Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina? Everyone direction you face is so special! But I think just in front of the lab, looking down the hill to the waterfront where so much research and education happens, where so many lives are changed, is what I’m missing the most.