Staff recognition

Staff members play an integral role in the university’s mission.

One of the ways the university shows its appreciation for the irreplaceable role played by university staff is through the USC Staff Recognition Program, which celebrates those staff members who complete service milestones in 5-year increments.

Staff members are recognized at each milestone in a variety of ways, including a gift, a luncheon (after 10 years), and a chance to tell your story.

Many people ask about how USC calculates years of service in relation to this recognition program. Your years of service are calculated by adding up the number of days that you have been paid to work at USC as a benefits-eligible staff employee. This includes normal paid time off, such as vacation, sick leave and holidays. This does not include disability or maternity leaves, or breaks in service. Hours worked as a student employee, faculty member or casual worker do not generally count in this calculation.

This means that for many of us, our milestone anniversaries do not fall on the date we were first hired by USC. In fact, only about 60% of us have worked straight through with no breaks. If you have a question about your years of service, contact Patricia Gonzales.

For general questions about the recognition program, contact USC Benefits.


award pins5 years—staff recognition lapel pin embossed with USC logo

This pin has been part of our celebration of service for more than 30 years, since the University Staff Club started the tradition.

10 years—choose from a selection of USC monogrammed items

Be sure to submit your gift selection by the date indicated in the information you receive. Favorites include a staff pin with stone inset.

15+ years—choose from a catalogue of anniversary gifts

When you complete 15 years of service and on each subsequent 5-year anniversary, you may select a gift that will be mailed to you. Favorites include Trojan memorabilia, watches, desk accessories, and the staff pin with additional stones.

Your story

As another way of honoring your milestone, our video crew will help you tell your USC story. Your milestone anniversary card includes an invitation to participate. Check out our staff milestone video page for all the details!

Staff Recognition Luncheon

When you reach your 10-year service anniversary and each subsequent 5-year milestone, you’ll be invited to the annual Staff Recognition Luncheon, a popular annual event hosted each spring by the President.