Take action in Workday to receive emergency alerts

Take action now to make sure you are immediately in the know – by way of text message – of any emergency situation on campus.

As you know, USC uses TrojansAlert to warn the campus community of hazardous and dangerous situations on or near its campuses. All employees’ USC contact information is now automatically taken from Workday and put into TrojansAlert, to ensure that everyone receives these critical safety notifications.

However, many employees do not have their cell phone numbers listed in Workday. Although TrojansAlert sends messages by email and text messages, texts are particularly important for immediately reaching community members in critical situations. At universities across the nation, text messages are the primary method of alerting a large campus community.

The Department of Public Safety urges employees to update their contact information in Workday with their cell phone numbers. The Workday Help site has a guide to maintaining contact information for help with this.

In addition, consider registering for the university’s mobile safety app, LiveSafe. The app provides a way for you to quickly contact DPS or text information about emergency incidents or suspicious information. The app also contains USC emergency procedures for a variety of situations (earthquake, active shooter, etc.) Instructions for downloading the app can be found on the DPS website.

TrojansAlert and LiveSafe are part of a set of programs that help ensure the safety of all employees, students and visitors. Don’t wait – update Workday with your cell phone number today.

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