Staff Pulse Survey

HAPPY workersDon’t miss this opportunity to share your voice!

The university needs to hear from the people who are making it better every day – and that’s you. So help USC change for the better by taking a few moments to complete the annual Staff Pulse Survey!

Your answers to the survey are completely confidential – nobody at USC will ever see your individual responses. To ensure anonymity, USC contracts with a third party vendor to conduct the survey. CultureIQ is the independent consulting firm that conducts our survey, and it has a proven record of administering confidential staff surveys, compiling and interpreting results, and developing measurable action plans based on the findings. This survey is designed and structured not only to ensure confidentiality, but to also make your participation easy. So that we obtain the most accurate information possible, we encourage you to express your honest opinions.

Let your voice be heard! When you receive your Staff Pulse Survey invitation, take a few minutes (usually, 15-20) to complete it right away!

More on protecting anonymity

To protect the anonymity of all survey respondents, groups with fewer than seven respondents do not have their group information reported. However, all those responding DO have their responses “rolled up” to higher levels of the organization and are included in those results – so everyone’s responses are counted.

For example, if the department known as “Employee Communications” only has six employees complete the survey, then no “Employee Communications” group results will be reported. But since “Employee Communications” is part of the Human Resources division, then those six responses will be included in the division report in aggregate, which will in turn all be included in the university-level reporting as well.


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