Staff Assembly election postponed

USC Staff Assembly members have voted unanimously to suspend the spring election process for the 33 members with expiring terms. The general election to replace half of its seated members usually starts with a nomination period in late March, followed by campus-wide voting in April. But the COVID-19 pandemic and the unexpected shift to online learning and teleworking disrupted the customary process and affected marketing and involvement efforts that would have started in March.

The vote to suspend the election took place during the April 24 general assembly meeting. Staff Assembly members serve two-year terms, with approximately half of the members terming out each year. Staggered elections ensure continuity of the organization and protect institutional memory. “The current environment limits our ability to reach the community and campaigning practices for candidates,” says Staff Assembly President Erika Chesley. “Delaying the general election will allow us to develop a process that will be fair and consistent in the fall/winter.” The Assembly is also planning a re-organization that will affect representation, and this delay may ease the transition of the realignment as the organization positions itself.

Staff Assembly’s government counterparts – Academic Senate, Undergraduate Student Government, and Graduate Student Government were all able to complete their election process before the pandemic. The Assembly will elect a new secretary for the new fiscal year. Elections to select officers are done internally.

Staff Assembly remains active during the Safer at Home order with representation on the Employee Benefits Advisory Committee; Human Resources Steering Committee; Office of Conduct, Accountability, and Professionalism (OCAP) Joint Committee; President’s Culture Committee; Good Neighbors Grant Review Committee; and others. They also hosted a week of virtual events which engaged over 1,000 staff members from April 20-24. To learn more about Staff Assembly and its programming, visit

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