Watch the health screening sign-up video

This shows you exactly how to sign up for your health screening with our new wellness partner, HealthFitness:

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3 Responses

  1. Your video doesn’t walk folks through how to print out the form they can give to their provider. SO the messages we get ALL DAY are : Dr Orrange, i just saw you for my physical, why do I have to do to a health screening cant I just have you do it? Its tricky to find out how to print that form to give to us…please clarify that and save us TONS of time.

  2. Who is HealthFitness and how are they involved? Why would I want to share my private health information with a 3rd party instead of keeping it within USC? I’m with Dr. Orrange. Give us a way to print out a paper form.

    I’m also in favor of improving the population health of USC and I’m happy to see this attempt. I hope someone is evaluating the program as well to see if this screening activity is effective.