Represent your work area!

Mushroom samples
Weird things happen on campus sometimes.

You probably don’t have a guy in a mushroom suit working alongside you today, but how will we at the Employee Gateway find out (and share with everyone) if you don’t tell us?!

We’re on the search for representatives at all other USC locations – UPC, HSC, downtown, Verdugo Hills, Alhambra and wherever else you are. We’re after:

  • Fun happenings or big events. We want to know what we should cover or mention in our calendar
  • Your photos or video of an event after the fact
  • Interesting employee stories – either what they’re doing on the job, or what they’re doing
  • Representatives who could star in our videos, as well!

So if you’d like to serve an an unofficial PR representative – email us at We can’t wait to work with you!

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