Register for electronic delivery of your W-2 form

Registration for online electronic delivery of the annual W-2 form is now available through ADP. But – please be aware that if you are already registered with ADP for electronic delivery, you do not need to register again. The option to receive your W-2 electronically is available to all employees, including student workers.

Receive your W-2 electronically

The university provides W-2 forms to all employees by no later than January 31 each year, but you can elect to receive your W-2 online or on paper. The best way to ensure timely and secure delivery is to register for online delivery with ADP W-2 (, which provides USC employees with 24/7 internet access to current and past year W-2s for both paper and online recipients. You can also securely import W-2 information to various tax preparation software programs if you’ve opted for electronic delivery. Electronic delivery saves on delivery costs and supports the university’s sustainability efforts.

How and when to get your W-2

You can consent to receive your W-2 online at any time. Any election made on or before December 31 is regarded as consent to electronic services. You may also elect to suppress printing for the current year’s W-2, which is available no later than January 31 of the next year. Withdrawal of your consent can be made at any time.

To sign up for online delivery, simply sign in to Workday, then click USC Quicklinks and then ADP W2s – Login. Note that ADP now requires two-factor security verification (like the DUO authorization we need to log into Workday), so you will need to enter the code ADP sends to a mobile phone or email address on your account.

When you agree to online delivery, your W-2 is posted on a secure website well before you would normally receive it at home in your mailbox. ADP will send you an email notification when your W-2 is available, along with instructions for retrieval.

About paper W-2s

Paper W-2s are mailed by no later than January 31 to your home address in Workday as of December 31 of the prior year. Note that if you do not sign up for electronic delivery, you should ensure your home address is accurate in Workday no later than December 30 of the tax year in question.

Special instructions for student workers

Student workers: updating your address through OASIS or Glacier does not update your address in Workday. You must update your information in Workday. All address corrections must be successfully completed and approved before winter recess to ensure a timely and accurate delivery of your W-2.

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  1. Been with USC for 2.5 years and have never had a successful registration with this site. Every time (and year) I called for assistance, they said it will take time for me to be in the system. I follow the instructions outlined online to a “T”. Hope the USPS doesn’t go under, or we’ll never see our W2s! ha.