President’s Award for Staff Achievement


All members of the USC community are invited to submit nominations for the annual President’s Award for Staff Achievement, one of the most coveted honors at the university. The President presents the award each year to a current, full-time staff member who has made exemplary contributions to university life, enhanced morale, and demonstrated enthusiasm for and dedication to the Trojan Family. The winner is honored at the Staff Recognition Luncheon. Scroll down for instructions on how to make a nomination.

Read the 2019 Call for Nominations.

2019 President’s Award winner – congratulations to Janette Brown AND Aaron Drake

Watch Janette hear the news, from the live broadcast on Facebook

Watch Aaron hear the news, also broadcast live on Facebook

Watch Janette’s profile video

Watch Aaron’s profile video

Recipients from previous years

How to nominate a staff member for the award

Determine if your nominee is eligible

  • Staff (not faculty or student workers)
  • Full-time (not part-time)
  • Currently at work (not on leave, retired or terminated)
  • At least 10 years of USC service

If you have questions about the eligibility of your nominee, contact us.

You may nominate more than one candidate.

Gather letters of recommendation

Nominations cannot be considered without supporting documentation (recommendation letters). You may submit up to 12 recommendation letters from individuals both within and outside USC, one of which must be a letter of support from the dean or vice president of the school or unit where the nominee is employed. If you receive more than 12 letters of support, you must select the 12 you believe are the strongest and submit those, or coordinate to have several supporters sign one letter of recommendation.

The most persuasive letters are just a few paragraphs that use concrete examples or anecdotes to demonstrate how nominee fulfills each of these criteria:

  • Contributes to university life
  • Enhances morale
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for and commitment to the Trojan Family
  • Exhibits ethical leadership
  • Embodies USC values – an outstanding “ambassador” for the university no matter what position staff member fills

Other supporting documentation (articles about the nominee, photos, etc.) may be submitted in addition to the 12 recommendation letters, if desired, but that is not required.

Nomination materials are confidential.

Submit nomination and materials

When you have gathered your supporting materials, submit them through the online nomination form (available here when nominations are open). Note that the online submission process works best if you create one PDF of all your letters/materials and submit just the one document. If you have any questions about the submission process, contact Employee Engagement and Communications at

Consider enhancing nomination next year

All nominees are automatically carried over for one year, so your nominee will be considered for two consecutive annual awards. If you wish to change any of your original nomination materials, contact Employee Engagement and Communications.

If your colleague was nominated prior to last year, you must submit a new nomination for him/her to be considered. If you are not certain whether your candidate was nominated last year, contact us.

With your permission, nomination materials no longer under consideration are shared with Staff Assembly and other organizations so your nominee may be considered for other awards, including the monthly Staff Assembly award.