Important update on parking permit suspensions/cancellations

Parking payroll deductions for March were submitted to USC Payroll Services before the university closed and most staff started working remotely. As a result, you will see a full deduction from your March paycheck for your parking permit even if you have already submitted a suspension/cancellation request. Unfortunately, this was unavoidable due to timing of these cycles. However, Transportation will process refunds for all suspension/cancellation requests as soon as possible.

Employees working from home and not using their parking pass should submit a parking permit suspension request via this online form. Some important reminders:

  • Please complete the form only once – if you already submitted it, please do not do so again. If you previously mailed your permit back, please do go online and complete the form as well.
  • Employees who complete the online form before midnight on Friday, April 3 will receive a prorated refund back to March 16, regardless of when you completed the form or mailed back your permit.
  • Employees who complete the online form starting at 12:01 Saturday morning or later will only receive prorated refunds as of the date they submit the form.

Once the university reopens for normal business, Transportation will publish a second form to reinstate permits. Note that employees who mailed their permit back in will have to either come in to the Transportation office to retrieve them, or arrange to have them mailed back. Transportation will provide a grace period on parking enforcement to ensure everyone is in possession of a permit. Please monitor the USC Transportation-specific COVID updates page here for updates.

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  1. Hi,
    Nowadays, I have to come to the campus once or twice every other week. what will be the case if I return my permit? thanks.

    • We recommend you return your permit for a prorated cancellation during this COVID 19 period using the form on our webpage, and then use either daily parking ($14) or one of the pay-by-plate short-term lots (Lot 6 or Lot 2) for your infrequent campus visits. Please monitor the Transportation COVID page on our website ( for updates.

    • We probably have your permit in our office (which is currently closed) – we recommend you complete the online form also (which will grant a refund back to March 16th if submitted before midnight, April 3). A process is still being finalized for reinstatement of permits, but it will likely involve a second qualtrics form so we can secure your permission to start payroll deductions again. Please monitor the COVID page on our website ( for updates.

  2. I have 3 permits, 2 at HSC and 1 at UPC. I completed the suspension form and indicated that my primary permit was at HSC. Does that mean my second HSC permit and my UPC permit will automatically be suspended as well, or do I need to complete any additional paperwork to have those parking permit suspensions proceeded as well?

  3. I expect when the permits reinstate. I will get parking space at the same parking structure I have now. Am I correct?

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