Our Trojan Veterans – Richard Mascioni

Make your bed first thing every morning. You’ve accomplished your first task, now start a new one. 

This was the first lesson Richard Mascioni learned when he started basic training in 1991, and it was that same lesson that helped Richard cultivate a 20-year career as a Navy Corpsman (also known as a combat medic) in the United States Navy.

After graduating from high school in Los Angeles, Richard knew he wasn’t ready for college. He had yet to find his passion, that “one thing” that gave him purpose. As it turned out, in the midst of what Richard called “walking in the shadows of giants,” he found that purpose in hospital work.

Finding his purpose didn’t come without sacrifice and heartache, however. One of the most difficult experiences, Richard recalls, is having to leave his two-month-old son and wife for the better part of a year. Upon returning and seeing how his beautiful baby boy had grown, Richard soaked up as much quality time as he could before being deployed yet again three days before his son’s birthday.

While he may not have been with his family at home, Richard found another family in the togetherness and camaraderie of his fellow sailors. They trained together, fought together, laughed together, cried together, and honored those whom they lost in combat. “Teamwork is everything. Without team, nothing is done,” Richard says.

As he spent time with his team, rising through the ranks, Richard developed the leadership skills that allow him to be the type of leader that doesn’t merely direct from behind a desk, but communicates, influences and relates to others from his vast medical experience during military training and combat. This is a crucial aspect of his role as Clinical Manager at the USC START Clinic and one that allows him to positively influence all those under his care.

Richard trying his luck in the office.

We are proud Richard is part of the Trojan Family!

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