Top 10 Tips for New Trojans

Youth Triumphant FountainWe asked our employees to offer tips for you, the new Trojan faculty or staff member. Here’s their advice (and we’re starting with our favorite!):

  1. Make the Employee Gateway your home page! It will help you get to know the university and important information as you begin your time at USC. You can get answers to almost all of your questions here!
  2. Study your benefits options carefully to figure out what is covered and what’s best for your family.
  3. If you sign up for direct deposit and have a portion or all of your paycheck deposited to a USC Credit Union account, that money is often deposited a day before actual payday!
  4. If you have yet to earn a degree…get one! You are now employed by one of the best universities in the country, so why not take advantage of your educational benefits?
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask (even more than once) what the acronym stands for. Seasoned employees forget that you don’t come in knowing what JHH, WPH, DVQE, etc. all mean. In fact, don’t be afraid to ask anything – everyone at USC is pretty helpful!
  6. Your USCard may be used as a debit card on campus if you enroll in payroll deduction, which you can do online at the USCard site after your USCard has been issued.
  7. Take time to walk around and get to know your campus.
  8. Remember that staff get 10% off many items at both USC Bookstores and USC Pharmacies.
  9. Get involved with Staff Assembly, Good Neighbors, or other campus activities.
  10. Do at least one thing on campus per term, like a sporting event, play, concert, lecture etc. It will enrich your life and give you a greater appreciation for the talented students and faculty at SC.