Long term care

Not to be confused with disability insurance, which pays a portion of your salary should you become disabled, long term care insurance provides additional coverage intended to complement your healthcare plan. Long term care insurance provides benefits for extended care resulting from long-term, chronic illnesses or injuries that Medicare or MediCal and USC’s health care plans are not designed to cover. It reimburses charges for covered in-home and facility care (up to the benefit maximums you select).

These services can be extremely costly. For example, the national average cost of a nursing home private room now averages approximately $77,000 per year, and basic home health services can cost nearly $21 per hour.

You may have provided care for a parent, friend, or relative and realize the emotional and financial stress this situation can bring. Long term care insurance can help protect your financial resources and provide peace of mind to you and your family.

USC’s long term care insurance program is available through Genworth Financial. If you are a participant with the former provider, John Hancock, you can contact them directly at (888) 524-6167.

You may obtain this coverage at any time. Visit the Genworth site using the group name USC and the access code groupltc to log in.

Long Term Care Informational Screencast
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Want some help in discussing long term care with your family members? This brochure is packed with helpful information:

Talking with your family about long term care

Genworth Financial | www.genworth.com/groupltc
group ID: usc
code: groupltc
(800) 416-3624

John Hancock
(800) 482-0022