Real-time video workouts from RecSports

UPDATE: These workouts are now hosted on Zoom, not Youtube.

Social distancing at home doesn’t have to mean staying on the couch. Include some exercise in your daily routine for your body and your mind with live video workouts from RecSports on Zoom. In addition, take advantage of a variety of online videos to keep the university community active – available on the USC Trojan Fitness Youtube channel, and the channels of USC’s Annora Brennan and Jen Cui.
Zoom workout schedule:

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  1. Hello,

    I hope this comment finds you well. My name is Shira and I am a Zumba instructor for the USC Zoom workout schedule. I just wanted to add a quick correction.

    The correct Zoom link for all of my Zumba classes is :

    The classes are Thursdays 5pm, Friday 5pm, and Sunday 11am
    (all 3 days have the same link!)

    Thank you so much for publicizing and updating this! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

    Shira Scholten


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