Help for USC job applications

Our jobs are posted and searchable on the USC Careers site. If applying to a staff job, you can then open a USC Careers account in our applicant tracking system (Workday Recruiting) and apply on your laptop, tablet or mobile device. The information below provides additional guidance on your account and the application process.

For faculty jobs – simply click apply and start the process in the separate faculty system.

(If you already work at USC, visit Your USC Career for help with USC transfers and promotions.)

Your USC Careers account

From the USC Careers site click Sign in. If you do not already have an account, click Create an Account. Your account home page features your application statuses, suggested similar jobs, and updates from USC if applicable. You will be notified of updates by email – so be sure to use an email address you check often. Once you create this account, use it to apply to any job you are interested in.

If you experience issues signing into your account and have recently reset your password, clear your cache and try again.

Applying for a job

Once you find a job you wish to apply for, click Apply to complete an application, or Apply with LinkedIn to populate the application with your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn will request permission to share your information with Workday Recruiting.

If you choose to upload a resume, the application will be populated by information extracted from your resume. Review and edit as needed. Note that content will upload most easily from simple text resumes, as opposed to highly formatted resumes or those with heavy graphics. If you experience issues uploading your resume, clear your cache and try again.

If you have a current or former affiliation with USC, be prepared to include that information (former faculty, staff, student, student worker, Resident Advisor, Teaching Assistant, or postdoctoral scholar; or current student who is not currently employed by the university). Former USC employees and students should be prepared to provide both their 10-digit USC ID number; former employees should also provide their 7-digit employee ID, if known. (Again, current employees – including student employees – must apply from within Workday; see Your USC Career for more information.)

While you’re applying, please make note of the job’s requisition number (i.e., REQxxxxxxxxx) to ensure you do not apply to the same job twice, which can happen if you access the same job again from our USC Careers site. Many jobs share similar titles and descriptions – please be sure you only apply once.

When you have completed your application, check your information carefully to ensure it’s all accurate – you will NOT be able to change it once you submit. When you’re sure it’s ready, click Submit. You should immediately receive an email confirming your application from the Workday system.

What’s next?

Due to the high volume of applications we receive, you may not hear back from a specific department. In addition, each department’s hiring needs differ, so the length of the hiring process varies greatly. Your patience is appreciated!

The system will notify you via email of changes to your applicant status. You may also receive notifications from USC recruiters. If you are notified by email of an update to your applicant status, a link will direct you to your account home page, and you will find the information under Updates.

You may also access your account home page at any time to review the status of your job applications. To access your account home page from anywhere in the site, click your account on the top right of the screen and click View Profile.

If a task under Updates requires your attention, it will be marked with a yellow exclamation point. Click the item and complete any tasks required. A green check mark indicates a task is completed.

If you receive an offer but wish to negotiate further, contact the person who has handled your application/interview process. If you wish to decline an offer, you must contact the person who made the offer.


If at any time you need assistance, contact USC’s HR Service Center at or (213) 821-8100.