Grown up Trojans

We all have one. That childhood dream that was never realized. Or perhaps, what you wanted to be when you grew up is what you are now after all, right here at USC! Either way, employees at USC are doing great work towards the university’s ambitious mission. But that dream job you had in grade school – well, it deserves a mention here too.

See what your colleagues wanted to be once upon a time, and where they now. For some, that’s spot on. For others – not so much. Explore our Grown up Trojans below – and share your story HERE!

Michelle says: “I wanted to be an attorney and mixed martial artist on the side. At the time, there were no women in MMA, and by the time I was out of college, Rhonda Rousey was on the scene. Now when I grow up, I want to assist in healing those who are sick by doing my part in the drug development field. (I’m currently obtaining my master’s degree at USC School of Pharmacy’s master’s in drug development program).”

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