FAQ: Employee Support Fund

Many of our more than 28,000 employees are financially impacted by COVID-19 in ways we never could have imagined. We launched the USC Employee Support Fund to provide support for these employees, and have expanded the support to include recent employees whose job status at USC has been impacted by the pandemic.

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions about the USC Employee Support Fund.

The USC Employee Support Fund was created to assist employees, and has been expanded to include recent employees whose job status at USC has been impacted by the pandemic, who have an immediate need for financial assistance due to impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Office of Human Resources, in partnership with Campus Support & Intervention, is administering this program.

All current full-time and part-time employees are eligible, regardless of length of service, if they have immediate financial needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, recent employees whose job status at USC has been impacted by the pandemic are now also eligible.

To apply, please visit USC’s Campus Support & Intervention website.

Yes. As employees of USC, postdoctoral scholars with the following postdoctoral titles are eligible to apply:

  • Postdoctoral Scholar – Research Associate
  • Postdoctoral Scholar – Teaching Fellow
  • Postdoctoral Scholar – Fellowship Trainee
  • Postdoctoral Scholar – Visiting Fellow

If you have any questions about your job title, please email postdocs@usc.edu.

Although there is no deadline to apply, please note that funds are limited. Employees are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

There is no cap on how much financial assistance employees can request. However, please note that funds are limited. While we would like to fund every request, we may not be able to fulfill every request in whole.

The USC Employee Support Fund typically covers the following expenses, including:

  • Temporary housing assistance, including additional rent; a security deposit; short-term hotel costs incurred to relocate, quarantine or isolate; for personal safety, etc.
  • Unexpected medical, mental health and well-being, or dental costs related to COVID-19 that are not covered by insurance.
  • Unplanned travel expenses related to COVID-19 to receive medical care, to self-quarantine or to isolate. Examples could include airfare, car rental, bus or train fare, etc.
  • Temporary assistance with food insecurity resulting from COVID-19.
  • Unplanned or additional child care costs for employees required to work on our campuses during COVID-19.
  • Emergency personal or incidental expenses such as clothing, hygiene items, etc. due to COVID-19.
  • Safety-related needs created by COVID-19 such as a change of locks, legal assistance, court fees, etc.

The following types of expenses are typically not covered by the fund if not related to COVID-19, including:

  • Credit card debt.
  • Penalties, fines, parking or other tickets.
  • Non-essential expenses.
  • Expenses due to a lack of planning or overspending.

We are reviewing applications as quickly as possible so we can meet employees’ critical needs. Employees will receive an email notification from Campus Support & Intervention once their request has been reviewed.

Those employees enrolled in direct deposit will receive approved funds through direct deposit. Those not enrolled in direct deposit will receive funds through a check mailed to the employee’s current mailing address.

As of now, while federal taxes have been waived for this type of fund disbursement, California state taxes have not been waived. However, the fund administrators (Human Resources, in partnership with Campus Support & Intervention) will factor in the tax consequences for each employee so that the employee will receive the full, approved disbursement amount. For example, an employee who is approved for $1,000 will receive a net $1,000 disbursement after taxes.

Please reach out to Campus Support & Intervention at uscsupport@usc.edu. A member of the team will get back to you within one (1) business day.