Essential employee helps

HR-related help

HR Service Center – the starting point for all employment-related questions

Workday Help – site with guides and information to help you use USC’s comprehensive HR system

USCard – this is your employee ID card which you can also use to pay for some items on campus

Setting up direct deposit – you do this in Workday

Ergonomics – making sure your workspace is safe and comfortable

Timekeeping for non-exempt employees – comprehensive information on timekeeping requirements for hourly-paid employees

Payroll calendars – link to USC’s payroll schedules

Year-end tax documents (including W-2 information) – helpful information for tax time

Employment verification – if you need to verify employment for a home loan or some other purpose

Accessing your personnel file – information on how to see your own employment records

IT help

Information Technology Services (ITS) – technical help

Transportation help

USC Transportation offers an extensive website with information and help for all issues related to parking, commuting-related concerns, getting around campus, and more.

Business and expense help

How to purchase and pay for goods and services

Business Services – purchasing, payments, travel and expense reimbursement support

Mailing and material services

Campus buildings

Building codes

Lost and found

University lost and found

Planning a meeting or event

Managing employees

Manager Gateway

Looking for something else?

See help for your personal to-do list.

Also, if you’re looking for campus news from a student perspective, the Daily Trojan email edition is a free service that automatically emails headlines each time a new issue of the student newspaper, the Daily Trojan, is published.

And just for fun…

Check out our photo album of “essentials” that some of our fellow employees just can’t live without. If you have an essential that makes your work day work, share a photo via this webpage, and we’ll add you to the album!