Nourish your mind and mental health in just 15 minutes

Mark your calendar now! The Center for Work and Family Life presents Thriving Thursdays, 15-minute sessions on Zoom with the center’s highly-trained clinicians, all to help you thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tune in every Thursday from 12:15-12:30 with this Zoom link.

Dates and topics include:

June 4 – Sleep is your super power: get the sleep your mind and body need
Linda Snouffer, LCSW

Most of us have no idea what we do with a third of our lives. Your brain needs adequate sleep to absorb and to retain new memories. In this segment, discover eight ways to get eight hours of sleep.

June 11 – Overcoming common stressors during COVID-19
Jessica Ayala, LCSW

Working from home brings its own set of stressors. Learn to identify common stressors, along with tips for coping: positivity, flexibility, increased focus, and healthy routines. Identify “thinking traps” and discover ways to replace them with resiliency and emotional success.

June 18 – Achievement and enjoyment
Angela DiBlasi, LCSW

Focus on finding joy in your work. Apply emotional intelligence concepts, reframe your thoughts and learn Heart Math evidenced-based stress reduction breathing techniques.

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