Employee Communications Advisory Council



To support USC’s Employee Engagement and Communications department, specifically the alignment of its planning, attention, resources and budget to best meet the department mission:

  • To inform, engage and inspire employees, facilitate conversations and collaboration that enhance productivity, and provide creative and compelling content for university staff and faculty who are working to support USC’s ambitious mission:
    • The development of human beings and society through the cultivation and enrichment of the human mind and spirit.

General expectations

Council members will:

  • Provide diverse perspectives on employee communication – across schools and divisions, faculty and staff, leaders and individual contributors
  • Provide specific and relevant feedback on all employee communication efforts

Council owners will share:

  • General communication ideas, themes, brainstorms, strategies, goals
  • Proposed communication initiatives
  • Communication already in the planning stages but not yet implemented
  • Feedback on completed communication initiatives to inform future projects

Specific expectations

Council members will:

  • Share the results of Council meetings with their schools/divisions to collect feedback; members are encouraged to form a discussion subgroup within their unit
  • Provide feedback to the Council and provide background/perspective on that feedback from their units
  • Bring any topics to Council that they or their units believe need attention

Council owners will:

  • Send meeting notes after each meeting, inviting feedback which will be shared with the entire Council
  • Implement agreed-upon advice from Council to the extent possible
  • Maintain Council webpage on the Employee Gateway to include:
    • Council Charter
    • Council members

Current councilmembers


Susan Bell
Emily Gersema


Trudi Sandmeier


Steve Adcook


Kristin Borella


Sarah Fried-Gintis


Kelley Randle


Susan Robles


Stephanie Lertzman


Carmen Carillo
Jerome Fletcher


April De La Rosa

Bovard College

Christina Guevarra


Hugh McHarg

Alfred Mann Institute

Kathleen Bonagofsky

Provost’s Office

Erika Jimenez

Keck Medicine

Anne McGilvray
Sara Reeve

University Advancement

Grace Reitzfeld


Erik Brink


Anne Chavez


Carlos Smith

Capital Construction/Facilities Management

Mari Rosales Gomez


Erika Crenshaw or Alana Beltzer


Lethy Navarrete or Tara Skipper

Academic Senate

Sofia Gruskin

Staff Assembly

Erika Chesley

Emeriti Center

Janette Brown

Ex officio members

Diane Schrader
Director, Employee Engagement and Communications

Rebecca Weintraub, PhD
Advisor, Clinical Professor of Communication, Annenberg

Christian Gunning
Associate VP, University Communications

Employee Engagement/Communications staff

Jandy Hardesty, Digital Media Manager
David Robbins, HR Communications Specialist
Sonia Mentz, Writer
Candace Stalder, Digital Media Specialist