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Zovaira “Zovy” Rodriguez

A big thank-you to my colleague because she has TRULY stepped up during the pandemic! She’s been amazing in implementing […]

Stephanie Chen

A big thank you to my colleague because she is always willing to go the extra mile to make things […]

Robin Yang

USC is a better place because my colleague is so attentive and helpful. When our sponsor asks for detailed information […]

Helen Yan

Helen, thank you for always helping me and answering my questions. I know I’ve been asking the same thing over […]

Cindy Ng

Cindy, you are always there to help me. Thank you for your leadership and dedication to the admin team. You […]

Lisa Gonzales

Lisa has dedicated her last couple of years to assisting in making the Workday transition a success. She has been […]

Debbie Lynn Gipson

She gives of herself through thick and thin, always smiling and encouraging families we serve to continue their education, fighting […]

Janis Wise

My colleague embodies the Trojan Spirit because she has worked so tirelessly this past year (plus) to maintain the operations […]

Christopher Shea

My colleague embodies the Trojan Spirit because he continues to demonstrate excellent programmatic and organizational skills to make our dozens […]

Lusine Raddatz

My colleague did a great job on learning a tricky EKG upload and submission program while covering for me. She […]