Cybersecurity carnival offers fun and learning

Hundreds of employees and students attended the 2nd annual Spooky Cybersecurity Carnival last week at Alumni Park, where in addition to good ole fashioned carnival treats like cotton candy, churros, and popcorn, the carnival featured interactive information booths and giveaways to raise awareness of information security at USC and at home.

The booths offered demos on secure mobile device settings, phishing, secure passphrase best practices, and how an account can be compromised. Attendees learned how one’s personal information can be compromised and gathered tips on easy ways to practice information security.

Some attendees were surprised to learn their phones could be hacked through WiFi (remember to be careful when logging into public WiFi and always disable it when you are not actively using it). Others were surprised at the amount of time it takes to hack a password. A 7-character password takes 29 milliseconds to hack – but a 12-character password would take 200 years to hack.

This event was sponsored by the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer; ITS Engagement, Culture and Communications; ITS Project Management; IT Support; Trojan Events; and Facilities Management Services.

To learn more about information security, visit the TrojanSecure webpage.


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