Calling all employees graduating in May

You’re shining those shoes, polishing your phone’s camera lens and wiping a tear from under your eye. They grow up so fast. Er, you grow up so fast! Congratulations to the class of 2019 USC employees who are receiving degrees this May! If that’s you, we want to hear your story of working at USC and taking advantage of your tuition benefits – and the journey that brought you to this spring. Tell us how you decided to jump back in to school, what it means to you to be graduating – and, of course, where you work and what your degree is in. Email and we’ll feature you on the Gateway!

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One Response

  1. Well, well…May 10, 2019. Rossier School of Education, M Ed. Learning Design and Technology; I expect to graduate from a rigorous, online-flipped classroom program of study in a discipline so far removed from my previous academic foray at USC…Who knew? This May 10th is not my first commencement rodeo. I have the distinction, (cough, cough, ahem) of being the OLDEST of the FIRST Dornsife Graduates (BA Hist, 2011; Minor: Russian Area Studies). I am also a first-generation baccalaureate. Coming to do both of these degrees at USC, working full time at the Department of French and Italian, is no mean feat. I cannot adequately thank the successive chairs and my fellow staff of the Department of French and Italian allowing me to do these courses of study and supporting my desire to do so. Doing either degree alone, let alone both, here at USC wouldn’t have occurred, had it not been for educational benefits we are provided as employees. There you have it, a short ramble of my experience as a staff member and student of USC. I still have my Dornsife BA Hist Diploma in an envelope behind my chair…My Rossier Master’s Diploma will probably go there as well; I was waiting for the matched set before I asked the Chair for permission to mount them as an ‘ego wall.’

    Excuse me, as I leave this chat, but although it is Spring Break, staff still work….Fight On!